Wash Day Growth Pack

Tired of dry, damaged hair that won't grow? Our nourishing hair growth system is here to help. With our shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, daily hair refresher, and hair growth oil, we've got everything you need to nourish and support your hair growth journey.

Eli's shampoo gently cleanses without stripping natural oils. Follow up with our conditioner for deep hydration and protection against breakage. Use our deep conditioner bi weekly to repair and strengthen your hair. Keep your hair refreshed and moisturized daily with our Daily Hair Refresher. And let our Emmanuel's Hair Growth Oil work its magic, promoting new growth and soothing your scalp.


How To Use:

1. Wash Your Hair  ( Eli's Shampoo)

2. Apply Conditioner for 5 Mins

3. Moisture Restore (Deep Condition Every other wash day 15 mins)

4. Hair Refresher (Apply before styling and drying)

5. Emmanuel's Oil (Directly to scalp and along tips of hair)

You deserve to have beautiful, healthy hair. Let's grow together!