July 01, 2020 2 min read

Welcome to the very first blog post for Nelle's Naturals! Since this is sorta my introduction to all who don't know me personally I thought I'd not only introduce myself, but also the main ingredient used in the very first product that launched my entire business, Fenugreek! 

I know, I know. You probably are scratching your head trying to pronounce it correctly but its fine, doesn't even matter how you say it. Anyway, before we get into the glory that is fenugreek, allow me to introduce myself. My name Janelle, affectionately known as "Nelle". Mother of three absolutely amazing little boys, bonus mom to another dashing young fella, fiancé to one of Philly's finest (Police), a member of Philly's finest also and now, creator of this amazing line "Nelle's Naturals".

If you haven't read the section of the site which tells you how I started this company, the short version is: my youngest son who was born with loads of hair, suddenly lost a big chunk of hair in the crown of his head, I couldn't stand looking at it so I did some research and made my own solution. Thus ,my very first product "Emmanuel's Oil" was born.

I won't give you all the secrets to the oil but I will share with you this little tiny powerhouse of an ingredient which brings me back to that crazy word from the first paragraph "Fenugreek".  It comes from the Mediterranean region and also Western Asia. It smells very sweet, kind of like syrup. Most people tell me that my children and I smell of pancakes and now you know why. 

Usually used in certain dishes to add flavor or cover up different medicines, Fenugreek, also known as "Methi"  is a popular food ingredient in Indian cultures. Methi has so many benefits, from reducing cholesterol to helping with menstrual cramps, but the benefit we are gonna focus on is HAIR GROWTH!

Yep, this little yellow, maple syrup-smelling seed aids in rapid hair growth. Fenugreek is loaded with nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins A, B1and C, and proteins. All these work in unison to help combat hair fall, strengthen hair follicles and promote hair growth! Other benefits of fenugreek for the hair include, shine, dandruff reduction and delayed greying. 

That just about sums of this post, so for the love of Fenugreek, get you some "Emmanuel's Oil" and start growing y'all!